About Us

We welcome you to Blue Cedar Press (BCP) and hope you enjoy following us. We are an independent small press publishing high quality fiction, nonfiction, and poetry from courageous voices speaking from the depths of human imagination and experience.

We are well aware of the cynicism and bravado coming from many corners of our political, social and academic communities.  Our pledge is to bring you honest spokespersons, from around the world, to present unique and critical voices to counter mean rhetoric with the music of literary art.

We are a volunteer staff and board. Two teams read submissions, a prose team and a poetry team. They make recommendations regarding publication of manuscripts and work with authors on final editing. We are not a pay-to-publish press. We support indie bookstores and libraries and avoid the world’s largest AI corporation, Amazon, although Amazon generally does buy and sell our books, purchasing them from other distributors.

Thank you for your support of Blue Cedar Press and our authors.