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AVALANCHE: A Survival Guide, a new collection of powerful and beautiful poems by Edward Harkness. Publication date is August 15 but you can pre-order now. The book costs $20. Mr. Harkness has put together poems that are full of the natural world, family, and the political world affecting us all. Pre-order now!!


Now available! From Barry W. Lynn, former director, Americans United for Separation of Church and State

Paid to Piss People Off: A memoir in 3 volumes: PEACE, PORN, and PRAYER


Now Available: Dark Crossings, a novel by Gretchen Eick

When murder devastates a close bi-racial family, the traumatized mother and her teenaged children are lost… until she receives a DNA kit that leads to her biological father’s Jamaican American family and to why he was killed by police in West Philadelphia in 1985. A novel of loss, redemption, and family told against the history of late 20th and 21st Century America.

Price: $6.99 (ebook); $20 (Paperback)


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One-Match Fire, a novel by Paul Lamb

One-Match Fire is the story of love given and withheld among a grandfather, a father, and a grandson, and the Ozark cabin where they could usually find peace amid their struggles with each other. It is a saga of three generations. A late-in-life, reluctant father of an adoring son, learns he can atone for his own father’s abandonment. A man who became a father far too young, adores his resistant son and feels inadequate in the role thrust upon him. A son distances from the father he has profoundly misjudged and hides a secret he fears to confess.

For three generations the family cabin had healed their hesitant hearts and subtly shaped their souls. It granted these men and boys a respite from the quarrels that pulled them apart, and gave them moments of unguarded love in many subtle guises. Their cabin had been a place of campfires and confidences, of stargazing and skinny-dipping, and of clandestine acts of love that echoed through lifetimes. A place of coming together and coming of age.

When their sanctuary must be sold to pay inescapable debts, each is certain this will fracture their brittle family forever. One-Match Fire is the story of relatable men living ordinary lives. But nothing feels ordinary to a man within his life.

This novel looks deeply into the extraordinary of the everyday. It is a story of three men who love each other but struggle to express it before it’s too late.

Price: $20 for paperback; $7.99 for epub



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Why Does She Always Talk About Her Husband? poems by David Romanda

David Romanda’s Why Does She Always Talk about Her Husband? is minimalist poetry at its finest—quick, punchy, and deceptively spare. Romanda stands on the shoulders of modern greats, such as Raymond Carver, Charles Bukowski, and Charles Simic, adding his own offbeat, rebel playfulness, exploring topics such as love, loneliness, sickness, and joy. These are poems that beg to be read aloud and shared with others. Readers will recognize themselves in his clever observations and smile or even laugh out loud.

Romanda is a Canadian who lives in Japan.

Price: $10 for paperback and $4.99 for ebook



ATTENTION Book Groups: We have 4 books with study guides: Maybe Crossings (upon request to, Dark Crossings, The Set Up, and Some Were Paupers, Some Were Kings.

Mouth Brimming Over from Blue Cedar Press by Roy Beckemeyer was honored with the Nelson Poetry Award and named by the Kansas Authors Club as its outstanding poet. Roy’s poems are lush in language, play humorously with the sounds of words and consider the natural world and human experience from his unique perspective. You will nod and smile as you read. Mouth Brimming Over would be an excellent gift for the Holidays.

In early 2020 Mark McCormick’s Some Were Paupers, Some Were Kings: Dispatches from Kansas came out from Blue Cedar Press in its second edition. Mark’s book was nominated for the Pulitzer and chosen by Wichita State University for its Campus Read program in 2020. These short essays are thought provoking and moving. They make memorable experiences used in classes and by book groups, youth groups, and individuals A discussion guide with group activities is included in the new edition. Audio and ebook formats are also available.