The Hard Verge: Britain 2025


The Hard Verge: Britain 2025
Fiction by Gretchen Eick

Paperback, 158 pages
Blue Cedar Press, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-6934488-8-1

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In 2025, three years after the Ultra Right Party has taken power in Britain, life has dramatically changed for Brits and for refugees seeking asylum in the UK. When a Syrian journalist disappears from the London home she shares with her British partner, Jennifer’s frantic effort to find her leads into the immigrant community and to four Members of Parliament ready to challenge their government’s treatment of asylum seekers and its close relations with autocratic foreign governments and their billionaires. What they discover is deeply disturbing. A timely novel, set in the near future, and disturbingly resonant with today.

The Hard Verge: Britain 2025