Both authors are experienced writers with novels previously selected for publication by Blue Cedar Press.

Where is Ana Amara? is an international thriller that begins with a female Syrian journalist who disappears in London as she is investigating the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers.  The search for her initiated by her British partner uncovers many layers of scandal including for-profit privately run deportation camps that are unregulated where children go missing and men mysteriously become deathly ill. Is Ana alive? Will she be found? Will the intrepid quartet of Members of Parliament be able to force the ultra conservative government to change its policies?


Parent Imperfect  by Paul Lamb tells a moving story of two men who marry and when one wants to adopt a child, expand their family with a boy who is bright,  creative, and autistic . Kelly and Curt must work through their differences while raising their unusual son. “Making family” is the heart of this story, the second in Paul Lamb’s series about generations of one family. Advance reviews have been glowing! The perfect gift for Fathers’ Day or any day.