Two of our authors presented their new books Dec 1.

Dr. Reginald Jarrell’s book 31 Days [Nights]: Memoir of Living Black in America is a series of short essays about his life here in Wichita and across the U.S. A truth-telling book of interpersonal encounters among various ethnicities of Americans told by a gifted communicator, 31 Days will surprise readers and enlarge their understanding of how race functions in America.

Dr. Gretchen Eick’s newest novel, Dark Crossings, takes place in 2019. An interracial family with two teens living in Evanston, IL, north of Chicago is devastated when a family member is murdered. The difficult journey through the survivors’ grief nearly breaks them. The discovery through a DNA test of unknown family members connected to the Philadelphia police murder of 12 Black people on May 13, 1985, helps them reconstruct their lives.
The authors read excerpts and discussed their books and what each adds to our knowledge of the role of “race” in today’s U.S.

Both on sale at Watermark Books or from this website.

Presenting New Books from Gretchen Eick and Reggie Jarrell